Chandler Tea is owned and operated by a mother-daughter team. The mother, Oni Vitandham, was a child survivor of war orphan , having endured the notorious Killing Fields of the Cambodian Genocide. Hiding out and trying to stay alive with no proper foods to eat, the only form of sustenance she found on the run were any leaves, herbs, vegetable, fruits, flowers, eating rats, snakes and creeper animal or other living things that Mother Earth provided her. In order to survive until today. During the dark Khmer Rouge reign of terror, virtually everything was taken away from the people, leaving them in a desperate situation. Stealing foods during the Cambodian genocide was punished by the death sentence, so the Angkar Khmer Rouge sent her to a death concentration labor camp. But she survived, and later her breakthrough company, Chandler Tea has developed many nutritional secret formulas derived from her Royal recipes and while she was on the run always looking for her next meal to eat.

Later in life, Oni began recalling memories of her royal father drinking natural herbal teas, fruits and vegetables over the years and how happy and healthy they made him feel. Then she immediately remembered when she lived in a Cave in the Cambodian jungle as a young girl and how often she ate natural herbs, fruits and vegetables. She remembers how these essential foods energized her and helped keep her keep trim and fit and in the prime of health. Finally, she created cosmetic tea, beauty, health, wellness and fitness products.

A child’s brain needs growth and development. Just as the child’s body needs food and water to survive, the brain -- in order to function -- needs to enrich its mental protein daily. I had to pick the fruits off the trees, and herbs and vegetables that I ate along my treacherous life journey in order to survive. If the Angkor found out that I had picked the fruit off the trees, which is paramount to stealing, to the Angkor this warranted a death sentence. They called it “food” for death, execution for stealing. We all should imagine how lucky we are who live in America!

Our customers are our first priority here at Chandler Tea, and our focus is on your well-being and overall health experience. We are so happy that more and more people are taking control of their health and becoming increasingly aware of the superior health benefits of organic tea. We are impassioned to always maintain customer trust and will never compromise our standards.

What better way to take a trip around the world than to see other products? You may think all products are the same, but where it’s grown, when it’s picked and who is processing it greatly changes the products and flavor of those powerful little leaves. Climate, altitude, and soil can all create different flavor profiles in your products. Many popular products, creams, oils, and teas come from around the world.