However, today these same herbs and highly nutritional ingredients still contribute to optimal healthy living, for promoting anti-aging, treating illness, energizing the skin, normalizing blood sugar level, reducing high blood pressure, preventing heart disease, increasing liver and kidney function (and memory!), detoxing the body and optimizing one’s overall health.   

Our Guarantee: Because our customers trust us, we are constantly working to provide only the best products. We will never compromise our standards. All our products are manufactured in the USA and approved by an independent licensed laboratory for purity and potency. All our products are tested by scientific research. Our products have also been tested for microbiology, heavy metals, nutritional fact concentration, and meet all food and drug regulations. We use the highest quality natural ingredients. We want you to have plenty of time to experience and benefit from our tea products and discover for yourself how great every one of our teas will make you. We want you: “Living Healthy, Looking Young and Feeling Great!”


Our Values: It is important for you to know that our company culture places heavy emphasis on integrity and respect for our farmers, our customers, our communities and our team members. As a company, we operate under the truth principle, with the highest ethical standards. Our customer are our first priority. We will simply not compromise quality or principles. We search the globe and take the highest quality of the most natural, purest form of every ingredient.


Our Future: We believe that the next major advance in healthcare will be determined by what an individual is willing to do for him or herself. So this you will find at Chandler Tea. We take pride in empowering you to make a difference in your own health! We wish you excellent health and natural well-being.


*Our products are all gluten-free, with no added MSG and no artificial ingredients, flavors or additives