Avoid drinking/mixed juices that omit healthy elements and contain refined sugar or high amounts of sugar. This can cause high blood sugar levels, and even lead to hypoglycemia and diabetes, heart attack, stroke and lung disease. Diabetes is the seventh largest disease in the United States. We don’t suggest you diet, but just eat natural healthy vegetables, fruits and cut 50 % red meat out of your meals.


​      Lack of sleep can slow down the toning of your body, and drinking alcohol, even just a bit, makes weight loss that much more challenging.

.  Many supermarket juices (especially “drinks”) are high in sugar and salt

.  Fast Foods can have a very negative impact on your weight and overall health

.  Be aware of certain foods high in carbohydrates which can cause health issues

. Keep portions smaller than your fist and avoid overeating. Avoid going back for seconds or thirds

. Exercise before you eat, you gain more weight after you exercise because you are hungry for food, that you can’t burn off, thus you gain more weight

. Exercise after eating burns more calories and fat faster.  Your personal trainer or nutrition expert should advise you on healthy eating.