I felt when I was a teenager, that I never fit in with my classmates, I felt insecure about my self-esteem. I felt ugly and depressed, because I was not pretty enough to fit into my circle of friends. Acne, fat and low self-esteem is plaguing our teenagers today. I’m too fat. I’m too ugly. I read a fashion magazine that questioned a thousand women what they felt about themselves, their size, shape of their breasts and placement of their look. We can relate to your story and my story. You look in the mirror every day. You feel disappointed when you see your rough, ugly and not smooth, wrinkled and sagging skin. You cannot hate yourself for any reason! Like some of us live in a house that is filled with crap, loaded with trash, dishes and expect to have healthy skin. You live and breathe with clutter anywhere. For me, in order be beautiful, live heathy, and feel great, in order to cleanse the emotions, it is fundamental to get rid of all the junk. Well, your face is the mirror of the ocean, clear like crystal.


That was me thirty years ago. I watched my friends complain about their looks, some of them looking at the perfect model ads or opening the magazine pages to see a perfect body. They tried to be like them, especially the ones with the beautiful acne free skin.

Back then I thought they were real people modeling the products until I got a job doing modeling at a weight loss campaign and I realized they were fake ads; since then, I have never believed these ads anymore. The company spent millions of dollars hiring celebrities to do their ads. Some of them don’t even use the products they advertise to the customers. So, since I was not pretty, especially with the amount of acne on my fat face, my skin felt scaly like a fish. It was ugly and scary looking. How many teenagers want perfect bodies and beautiful skin? About 40% in the United States. Including me.

Now I felt good about my skin and the way I look, because at one point I had acne, wrinkled and old skin. I saw many other people I know with skin problems, especially dark spots and sagging skin. I decided to reverse and stop aging. Cutting about 25% in our youthful skin and cutting dark spots about 20% and without major plastic surgery, or Botox.

Dark spots are one of the most challenging and difficult to fix, and a few of many people have layered facials and chemical treatment peels. This is a bad solution because the spots come back ten times worse.

I don’t recommend a facial every month, because your skin is just like a dedicated baby flower. You don’t want to abuse your baby face. Dark spots can occur from a number of causes: lack of blood flow, damage from the sun, lack of sleep, food you eat and our diet is another factor. It can be a tremendous challenge to treat or remedy dark spots. 

I created Khmer Cream/ Mebon Corrector, however. It is the safe and sure solution you’ve been waiting for. It helps to even out skin tones and reduce the appearance of dark spots, while reducing visible signs of dark spots. In most cases you need to cleanse your intestines and liver to get a proper blood flow in your body. Remember the cell damage may renew powerful DNA circulation, to drain collagen, elastic, hyaluronic acid, and most vitamin C & E, your secret journey. You change the inside and grow like a blossom in summer while featuring that winter smile to celebrate the holiday.