The mission of Chandler Tea Company is to give opportunity and voice for millions of child survivors of war orphans to see their own gifts, and giving them the chance to build up business models and partnerships. Especially the poor Cambodians people have their own products, but they don’t have a market to sell in their own Country, so Chandler Tea will produce and buy their suppliers. These, in turn, will create jobs for those children and women who have the talent to create products that welcome change. Long-term, our goal is to transform the vision of hope to make a commitment to the production of the best health products that are safe and that help to inspire entire communities by creating a fair and balanced marketplace. Then we can ask the public, and other investors to build on child survivors of war orphans, to just give them one chance in our society without the discrimination, hatred, greed, prejudice and violence that so often shadow the good intentions to improve better economic conditions for all in the name of humanity. Chandler Tea Company was created with those goals in mind to save the future of the next generations that live in war zones. No chance to exercise our opportunity. No chance to improve our daily life. No chance to go to school. No chance to live in a normal household, or to have nutritious, healthy food to eat, and no comfort blanket to cover us when we are cold at night. Our philosophy is one of fairness and a voice to give the opportunity to change, and to help counterbalance the cruel greed that has overtaken us. Each product she created has a story behind it that is uplifting and inspirational, as these are unique products, handmade with love and appreciation. How many millions of child survivors of war orphans will now have a chance to inspire others who actually for once in their lives believes in them? No one ever gave them even a 0% chance. Now perhaps all of that can change.

Chandler Tea is as a grassroots effort for the child survivors of war orphans, as a role model for businesses around the world in an effort to revive the once thriving opportunity for disadvantaged children who are the innocent victims of war. Today, unfortunately, children orphans are controlled by institutions that have been corrupted by the world’s economic engine market supplies. If we could turn that around and revive this industry via the child survivors of war orphans, the positive effects would be seen on, eBay and GoDaddy to give future economic opportunity for the first time, allowing the history of orphans the chance to create something meaningful for human society with their products, and in this way to be the first to educate the world’s leaders.

As part of my mission, I determined to create and market products to define the indignity of the child survivors of war orphans, to help restore the lost glory of hope and tell the story of the victims, children from around the world and the lives taken by violence and the greed of leaders. I don’t want anyone to misrepresent the magnificent beauty of the orphans’ culture, which in the eyes of all who see it and the identity of the Khmer Empire that was lost over 3,000 years ago. I have strong reasons to create and give a message to the children of war striving to make it in this world and the modern business global economic future. To define who we are as humane people.