We have two types of beauty. First, is outer beauty: your physical appearance, features, smile and style. Second, and more important, is inner beauty: your personality, character, sense of dignity and how you carry yourself. Many children and women feel they are ugly. “I am fat,” is what many of them say to themselves. Thus, a poor self-image can make women imagine they have poor outer beauty.



Fat and Ugly Story ( Angkor Wat Powder Tea)

Healthy eating means a healthy you.  I choose to eat proper nutrition without dieting.

Imagine, you fight against food addiction in the system of fear. Just close your eyes, your body craves for any foods in the markets. You are sick, you are thirsty and you are hungry. I’m too fat. I’m too ugly. I want a perfect body and peer pressure and celebrity influence, media and magazines and ads; we also obsess about our body.   It is the easy way to smoke, take drugs, pills to lose weight and then eating disorders kill ourselves. Some of us are pressed for time and go to fast food restaurants. What is your chance to live a healthy lifestyle this way? About 10%, the other 90%, that you put into your mouths and stomach. Over twenty years, I was the same away like the rest of American people, food was my addiction. Food was my drugs. Let’s just focus on three items that Americans love to eat and how many fats, cholesterol and calories and proteins there are with these foods: Eggs (whole, large), egg yolks, and hamburger. As with medications (drugs) you must face the facts:



Hamburger      Calories (510)        Cholesterol.(275 .)        Fat  (39%)             Protein (3%)

Egg (whole, large) Calories (335).    Cholesterol  (274).      Fat (68%).               Protein (7%)

Egg Yolk            Calories (339).    Cholesterol (274).       Fat (77%).              Protein (3)


Now you know the facts: food is not finished when your mouth is continuing to defeat you and then you finish but you still do not quit, because you want more to feed the hungry heart. You use stress and broken relationships as excuses for overeating to satisfy the love hunger of the nurturer. Like myself, I don’t make wise choices when I eat out and choose the restaurant. As a teenager, I felt ugly, fat and did not fit in with the crowd and experiences much unhappiness. I had low self-esteem and felt unloved by others and felt hopelessness, depression and suicide that was raining in my heart as I kept believing I was not pretty enough. I felt isolated and ignored, I was 125 pounds and in my middle thirties I was 145 and then jumped up over 180 pounds in weight and my daughter was over 1600 pounds.  I watched my daughter while she would eat and after she went to the bathroom to throw up all her foods, because she wanted to keep having a perfect body. So I tried everything in the markets. That may work for some, but it didn’t work for us. We’d go and exercise 7 days a week and when I came back from the gym, I was hungry, so I put on 20 pounds of weight and became over 170 pounds.

I knew I needed to do something at once, and overnight, because the health risk was dangerous. I watched friends and people in my community get strokes and heart attacks. So, I started to look at the statistics in America and found that an estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight, nearly three quarters of American men, women and children. Americans run a health risk because of fats, acid, and other poisons in our systems. This is a major threat to daily life.  So many Americans are overweight and in danger, so now imagine a 60% takeover in our food industry. Americans are now in danger of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, bone and joint disease, high blood pressure and shortness of breath.

Our body grows hormones and steroids that are naturally present in animal food that have been linked to causing everything from prostate cancer to fibroid tumors. Now you take a close look at your family’s emotional feelings about food and perception of their body image. American people listen to so-called experts, doctors and nutritional certified experts and personal trainers and images of fake ads. You believe them. So, I decided to stand on the true principle of every product I create. I don’t believe in diets, especially the products that claim to make you lose weight. I believe in educating people to find the right engine to health without diets. I am living proof that good health is available with simple fundamental changes. People struggling to lose weight and keep it off is the biggest challenge to most of us.

I believe in using all-natural remedies and eating anything you wish to eat, but cut it by 50%. Our body needs 10% protein, 10% fiber, 10% fat, 10% magnesium , 10% metabolism. Also you need elastic cells to control muscle fat and produce collagen in our system. Your body and mind connect together.