In 2009, I founded the first anti-aging cream and then the youthful tea came along to protect elasticity and cause cells to reproduce new cells inside our bodies and to keep wrinkle free without surgery or Botox that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Three years later, in June, 2011, Chandler Tea Company was officially born as wholesaler, and now does retail online as well.


Most people live to eat and drink. Others eat and drink to live.


Proudly made in the U.S.A., handmade, produced by a company founded by an  child survivor of war orphaned.


Your beauty is a shining light of hope.


For fitness, self-esteem, mental strength and beauty and wellness, our cosmetic tea delivers a long-lasting result.


The products that we produce help people to live in a meaningful way, while harming no-one and helping those in need.


Best Health Products of the Century!


Just Return 54 years old