1. Every ingredient in our tea formulas is reviewed and approved by an independent licensed laboratory. The statements written here have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is for educational purposes to acknowledge your own health remedies.
  2. Every ingredient is also Generally Recognized As Safe. Our suppliers have performed all the necessary research to ensure that every ingredient is safe for human consumption.
  3. All of our finished products are made in the USA by child survivors of war and orphans. This ensures that all our teas, skincare, hair products and natural herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables are of the highest possible quality.
  4. Finally, we sent a sample of each of our teas we produce to an independent laboratory for purity and potency testing to ensure that all our teas are safe. Our teas have also been tested for microbiology, heavy metals and nutritional concentration, and meet all food and drug regulations not evaluated by the FDA.


Chandler Tea products are the best health products of the century! And you will find all our teas are good and beneficial and delicious to drink.