Q:  Do not ask how much weight can I expect to lose? Ask how much you can improve the health inside of your body and lose inches, and tone your body’s muscles.

A: The important healthy rate of loss in 12 weeks is as much as six inches a year. That keeps you maintaining a healthy balanced metabolism, fiber, protein and nutritional value. We don't recommend you diet, just sprinkle on foods. Try to lose 1 inch, not weight loss.


Q: How long before I see results in toning the body, not losing weight?


  1. You should see the results between the first 12 weeks and 6 months. And try to pick a favorite dress or outfit that you love and didn’t fit you. Try it on in 12 weeks.


Q: Aside from drinking Chandler Tea, what else should I be doing to have the hottest body?

A: Exercise three times week and follow the simple "Eating Plan" that's included at our private Cosmetic tea party events.

Q: If I do not exercise can this still help me?

A: Even if you have physical limitations, the tea's ingredients can help you tone the body -- by reducing your appetite, it helps sagging skin, while boosting your mood and metabolism and providing hormonal support.