Q: Are the tea formulas safe?

A: Yes. Our formula teas are safe and non-addictive, no preservatives, caffeine free and there are no negative side-effects from our natural teas or their ingredients. Our teas have been lab-tested and are all 100% natural and good for your overall health.  

Q: Will drinking the tea interfere with medications I'm taking?

A: No. We've taken great care in selecting healthy natural herbs that will not interfere with your medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. However, you should always consult your physician before imbibing any kind of new substance or food product.

Q: Are natural herbs safe for children?

A: Yes, the ingredients in each tea are absolutely safe, although our teas were formulated for individuals seven years old and up. So we do recommend children of under five years old.

​Q: Can we recommend pregnant or nursing women drink the teas?

A: We do not recommend or intend for pregnant women or nursing mothers to drink our teas. We recommend you always consult your physician or healthcare provider before taking any tea supplement or new food product.