Ten ago years I was suffering a serious illness. The symptoms were small stomach tumors and an overloaded stomach and an (impacted) digestive tract that made me continually feel like I was nine months pregnant. This long-term and most unpleasant experience motivated me to create Angkor Wat Powder Tea. I wanted to do this also because stats show that at least sixty-five percent of Americans regularly or periodically suffer the same stomach and bowel problems that lend to intestinal failure and liver failure. This includes constipation and irregular bowel movement syndrome. I learned that if we don’t enjoy regular bowel movements or let three days elapse between bowel movements, that we could be carrying over three pounds of undigested waste in our stomach and triple this weight of waste throughout our digestive system. Over time, these extra pounds of waste can become tumors and seriously impair our health in numerous ways and even lead to diabetes and cancer. 


What everyone needs is a periodic, regular and/or consistent colon cleansing to remove and/or prevent the accumulation of almost 2,000 different poisons in our stomach and digestive tract and 720 chemicals unbalanced in our system. In essence, we need to flush out and cleanse our entire digestive system, and keep it free of waste and poisons. Doing so can prevent colon cancer and other cancers and diseases as well as help keep our bodies firm, healthy, energized and disease-free. We all want to feel healthy, look healthy and be healthy!