You eat three times a day. You store food in your abdomen, at least three pounds to five pounds per day. Our bodies can collect a lot of poisons in our system that need to be flushed out daily. It is dangerous to transform the food cells through our bodies at night; they're more likely to be stored as body fat in our system.


If you got rid of this waste daily, you would lose at least the three to five pounds you eat a day. If you don’t flush it out or go to the bathroom for three days or two days you store nine pounds in your stomach, and that fat will travel to your entire body to spread fat, disease and sickness.


There are unhealthy foods which will cause weight problems, even liver failure, diabetes, and heart disease, nervous breakdowns, and stroke. Burgers, soft drinks, alcohol/wine, chicken noodle soup, MSG, bread, rice, potatoes, cereals, red meat. All of these can be sprinkled with Angkor Wat Powder tea to help prevent spreading the fat cells.