Fighting to survive, I overcame incredible obstacles and became living proof of surviving both breast cancer and bone disease.  Magic from God.


When I lived in a Refugee Camp in Thailand, I was told by a Thai doctor that I did not have long to live, and that I would only live up to 40 years old and then I was told the same thing again when I lived in California with my daughter. My most frightening experience happened when my daughter was only six years old. Soon I discovered that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But God worked His “magic,” by using all-natural products to save my own life, allowing me to inspire millions of other souls through this living trial of the century. So, I saw my God mom going three time a weeks to chemotherapy cancer treatment with drugs, various chemical compositions of the chemotherapeutic approach. I saw people die in a few years after their cancer treatment. We believe in the doctors to tell us what to do and what to take. We rely on the doctor’s prescription drugs, and cancer is one of the biggest businesses in the history of the world.

I tried to use the Mother Nature remedies that I could remember that saved my life, during my childhood when I lived in the cave of a forest jungle in Cambodia and I was on the run from the Khmer Rouge. I am a cancer survivor and bone disease survivor over twenty years ago, and I am on a mission to focus on the journey of the Cosmetic tea, Wellness, beauty and health that transforms a healthy lifestyle, control of your own destiny, health and building a healthy message to encourage others to follow its rejuvenation benefits as they physical, mentally, spiritually transform healthy lifestyle. Soon, I decided to expand this vision to health and wellness by joining forces with a partner to present to those in the public who believe in this path of eating fresh, healthy foods and the many benefits of having less chemicals in our systems. And I also want others to learn to understand when your body is calling for a new direction and purpose to change the way we eat, we cook and we drink.