Twenty years ago, I was using all the high-end cosmetic products from La Prairie, La Mer, Giorgio Armani, Hourglass and the Korean Cosmetic Sulwhasoo which is the most popular skincare. All the most expensive brands, and they worked. All of those brands are amazing anti-aging and complex toners. I was very careful to put not just anything on my face.

            I did all my homework, as to what products honestly told the truth about their results and not only using the image of a celebrity or a perfect model to demonstrate the products.

            Over 10 years ago, my agency Tag called me to audition for skincare, hair and weight loss products. That moment changed my life forever. I was adamant. I was not going to model any products that I didn’t personally use. Some companies use celebrities and models to do fake advertising to make consumers think that they too can have perfect skin, a perfect body and perfect hair.

            Using Royal recipes I had known for years, I sat at my kitchen table to formulate my own ingredients and focus on the right message to help me cut 50% of the wrinkles on my face and my entire body. I was 165 pounds, overweight and my skin was sagging like an old lady by the time my daughter was just six years old. . She had me drop her off one mile away from school, because she was embarrassed of me.

            I started to wonder. I used all the high-end brands, but they didn’t work on my face. I researched if there were other alternative products that helped to get rid of my extra layer of fat. I wondered why? I used all the good products and that should have helped me to be wrinkle free. But I have to say it was not topical skin care that we used to get rid of the wrinkles on our faces and body.

            So, I created a tea formula to help me to get rid of the wrinkles from inside out in order to have elasticity and cells that reproduce new cells from the inside in order to keep us looking younger. If we can’t take care of the inside, we will not get results no matter how expensive the cream we use. If we stop using the cream the wrinkles will double.

            In 2009, I found the first anti-aging cream and then the youthful tea came along to protect elasticity and cause cells to reproduce new cell inside our bodies and to keep us wrinkle free without surgery or Botox that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Three years later, in June, 2011, Chandler Tea Company was officially born as a wholesaler and now we do retail online.

            Eight years into my journey I discovered skincare, hair products, foods and tea products that are naturally healthy and chemical free. All the bottles and jars represent a pure love to reach out to one person at a time to believe in themselves that they are worthy as a beauty in every level of light. I just turned 54 and have been using my own line of products for years now.

            Most importantly, people will take notice of you when your skin glows, and you have a younger, brighter smile. A youthful appearance starts with you. Do your homework and use it and believe it for yourself. Don’t let advertised products and their imagery fool you. It is time to speak the truth and see for yourself why you should do yourself a world of good and start using my products.


Oni Vitandham, CEO & Founder Chandler Tea




LORCHI LAO, President of Chandler Tea Retail


President of Chandler Tea, Lorchi Lao, doesn’t mind sharing her personal story of survival during the 1975s killing fields of Cambodia. Since then, she has owned and still operates two donut shops in California’s central valley, and is the president of Chandler Tea.


Most importantly, she joined the World Financial Group (WFG), Transamerica, and opened an office in Turlock, California, with her sister where for 3 and a half years they have helped dozens of families achieve financial freedom. Together, they have also provided the local community with numerous financial and professional opportunities that have helped hundreds of people.


She saw a big opportunity in the U.S. and abroad for Khmer families at a large scale for achieving the security of financial freedom. Soon, she decided to expand this vision to health and wellness by joining forces and helping to develop Chandler Tea. A breakthrough company, Chandler Tea has developed many nutritional secret formulas derived from the ancient lands and royal recipes she discovered while a citizen in Cambodia. Now restored after being lost for five decades and during Cambodia’s terrible wars, her and Chandler Tea’s vision of bringing Cambodian products to Cambodia and helping people everywhere achieve optimal health has now become a reality!