Q: How often can I drink the Chandler Tea?

  1. Use one 1/4 tsp powder in the morning and one 1/4 tsp powder in the evening if you weigh over 160 pounds; under that weight, use one bag a day. Drink any time of the day you wish. You can sprinkle on foods, smoothies, coffee and when cooking all kinds of items.

Q: How long will the supply last?

​A: 2 oz  provides a 15- 30 day supply, depending on your consumption.

Q: Should I keep drinking the teas after I have achieved the loss of an inch?

A: Chandler Tea is natural, stimulant-free and completely safe. You may confidently drink as long as you need or want to help you achieve and maintain your fitness, wellness of own your health and tone your body and help maintain a youthful look.