ONI VITANDHAM, CEO & Founder of Chandler Tea

Chandler Tea is owned and operated by a mother-daughter team. Oni Vitandham was a child survivor of a war orphan and endured the notorious killing fields of the Cambodian Genocide. She hid from the reign of terror and relied on fruits, vegetables, and herbs from her surroundings. The Angkar Khmer Rouge sent Oni to a labor concentration camp because she stole foods, which was punishable by the death sentence. Yet, she survived and created Chandler Tea company, which developed all-natural, secret formulas derived from her royal family history.

Oni created beauty, health, and wellness products with the main priority as her customer’s well-being and overall health. Almost ten years into her own wellness journey, she discovered all-natural and chemical-free solutions. She has used her own line of products for many years, and at 54, she is a glowing example of the Khmer beauty.

LORCHI LAO, President of Chandler Tea Retail

Lorchi Lao had her own story of survival during the Cambodian Genocide of the 1970s. Since moving to the United States, she has owned and still operates two donut shops in the California central valley.

Additionally, Lorchi joined the World Financial Group (WFG), Transamerica. She opened an office in Turlock, California, where her and her sister have helped dozens of families achieve financial freedom for the past four and a half years. Together, they have helped to provide their local Khmer community with numerous professional opportunities.

Soon, she expanded her vision towards health and wellness by helping to develop Chandler Tea. With Chandler Tea, she hopes to continue giving Cambodians the opportunity for financial security and personal growth.